Goznak presented its innovative developments and vision of the way of the security field development at the Sixth International Watermark Conference-2015. 28.09.2015

The Sixth International Watermark Conference-2015 took place in Sochi on September 22 24; by tradition, Goznak was its General Sponsor.  
288 delegates representing 110 companies from 27 countries took part in the Conference. Including delegates from Australia, Austria, the United Kingdom, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, China, Czechia, Poland, Switzerland, Japan, the USA, countries of the near abroad, Asia and Africa. Specialists of the Bank of Russia, national banks of the near and far abroad, ministries and agencies of Russia, banknote and printing factories, holographic companies and other participants of the security product market from various countries of the world.    
At the Exhibition operating within the framework of the Watermark Conference-2015, the companies participants demonstrated their latest achievements and new developments.
A report by Arkady Trachuk, General Director of Goznak, Professor of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, arose great interest at the Sixth International Watermark Conference-2015 that took place in Sochi on September 22 24. The report called Document security in the digital age: from the form protection up to the protected environment of circulation was actively discussed both at the session and behind the scenes of the Conference.  
The main peculiarity of the modern approach to the security document creation is not only the physical information carrier protection but also security environment creation. Such environment includes informational basis, the identifier (the number of the document) itself, communication channels, issuing and control points, information access channels, an event log. Thereupon it is possible to say that we are witnessing the end of the security printing field and the birth of the security document field in which companies providing complex security solutions within the framework of the security environment will dominate.  
Goznaks way is to offer a complex solution combining the physical carrier and the trusted environment providing informational tracking of a document in circulation.
The single copy control systems installed at Goznak enable one to hold accounting of all dispatched banknotes according to their serial numbers today already. The serial number data are fixed in the basis and on the packing and are transferred to the Central Bank. Today Goznak is already capable to process the data, which enable us not only to keep the data about the produced banknotes but also to accumulate and, if necessary, analyze the serial number data of banknotes arriving from various stages of cash turnover.
A smartphone application developed at Goznak enables banknote authentication according to the printed image peculiarities.  
The Company is engaged in realizing projects of electronic identification document system building abroad. Now we are fulfilling such projects in two countries.  
Goznak takes part in the Unitary Government Informational System of Public Health Service forming and functioning. The branches of the enterprise have developed, and now they produce and personalize plastic policies of Obligatory Medical Insurance. Goznak provides support of the territorial and distributional information system of public health system forming, producing, personalizing and issuing of policies of the Obligatory Medical Insurance in the regions of our country.  
Goznak has already carried out a few projects in the product security field. Within the framework of the license agreement with Sochi 2014 Organizational Committee, the first in Russia high-tech integrated system of licensed product authentication and control (the brand security portal) was developed and launched. The system operated successfully within the framework of the system of protection of products with the symbolics of the XXII Olympic Winter Games and the XI Paralympic Winter Games of 2014 in Sochi.  
The security printing market is facing a great transformation today. The security technologies are deviating from purely printing ones more and more. The informational and digital component is playing a larger part in product security. It was reflected in the topics of the Watermark Conference-2015; there appeared sessions upon the identification documents and an entirely new session upon the brand protection. There was also a session where representatives of the Universal Postal Union presented their view at the future of stamps as a security product.  The solutions presented in the reports at the sessions were far from security printing. That proved the correctness of conclusions made by the General Director of Goznak who presented his report at the first session on the first day of the Conference.  
The results of the WATERMARK BANKNOTE AWARDS held for the second time were also summarized within the framework of the Watermark Conference-2015. The council of experts, to which the Organizational Committee of the Watermark Conference invited competent specialists in the security printing field, analyzed the innovative developments created and realized in the banknote printing sphere and able to change the security printing market in a qualitative way.    
As a result, the Trans-Dniester Republican Bank received a commemorative medal for putting in circulation the composite coins manufactured under Plamet technology. Today the coins have no analogues in the world. We would like to remind that Goznak offered its customers Plamet revolutionary development representing a new payment instrument and combining the best characteristics of both banknotes and coins in 2014.
The German company Giesecke & Devrient was also awarded for their development of RollingStar LEAD, a development that received a broad resonance, consisting of a wide laminated band combining the RollingStar elements (micromirrors) and holographic elements. The Swiss company Sicpa received an award for the newest development and creation of SICPAPROTECT Dew, a security varnish applied after the banknote printing and providing increased protection against soiling.  
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