The Russian Mongolian banknotes 08.09.2015

On September 3, 2015 within the framework of the day of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation at the 28th Moscow International Book Exhibition and Fair, Arkady Trachuk, General Director of Goznak and Vladimir Churov, Chairman of the Central Election Commission presented the advance copies of a new edition of Goznak The Russian Mongolian Banknotes. The banknotes of Mongolia of 1916 1983 catalogue. The edition is dedicated to the participation of Russia in forming the banking system and the national cash turnover of Mongolia.  

The author and compiler of the edition is Natalia Nikiforova. Archival data and materials of the repositories of the Special Fund of Goznak as well as materials provided by collectors modern banknotes dealer Sergey Brekke (Moscow), a member of the Union of Bonists Pavel Zolotarev (Moscow), a member of the Association of Friendship Mongolia Russia Igor Savelov (Moscow), the publisher of catalogue Owen W. Linzmayer (USA) were used in the edition.

For the book to be published, a huge amount of research work was carried out. There were practically no archival documents or records left, that could bear evidence of the peculiarities of creating these banknotes. It was necessary to reconstruct the chronology of issuing the Mongolian banknotes.

The specialists of Goznak scrutinized the paper on which the banknotes were printed, the inks, security features and printing methods applied in various years.  

The whole range of banknotes made under the order of Mongolia dated 1916, 1921, 1923, 1939, 1941, 1955, 1966-1983 are presented in this colourful edition. Some of the banknotes are a great rarity and a dream of many collectors today. Fortunately, the unique banknotes of 1916 and 1921 not put into circulation due to various reasons are preserved at the Special Fund of Goznak. And the readers of the book will have an opportunity to assure themselves of their beauty as well as in the skill of the specialists of the Expedition of Storing State Papers and Goznak who created them.  

As a result of the work upon the book, a lot of graphic, factual and analytic materials were accumulated. Their number can certainly be enlarged. The advance copies of the edition were prepared specially for the day. The main edition will also contain an article about the state bonds of the Mongolian Peoples Republic designed and manufactured at Goznak starting with the beginning of the 1920s and until the 1960s. The materials are prepared already, and the publishing is expected to take place at the end of September the beginning of October 2015. Few people can remain indifferent to the unique colours, graphic abundance of the Mongolian banknotes and bonds of the first half of the 20th century.  
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