A church is the center of the believers world perception 05.08.2015

The Church of Joy of all who Sorrow Icon of the Mother of God of the Dalmatovo Uspenskiy Monastery, Kurgan Region commemorative coin of the Bank of Russia was minted at the Saint-Petersburg Mint and put into circulation at the end of July 2015.  

The coin was issued within the framework of the Architectural Monuments of Russia series. It was made of sterling silver with the weight of the precious metal in purity of 31.1 g. the coin diameter is 39.0 mm. It was struck in the number of 3 thousand pieces.
On the coin reverse, there is a relief image of the Church of Joy of all who Sorrow Icon of the Mother of God of the Dalmatovo Uspenskiy Monastery. The inscription around the edge reads, Church of Joy of all who Sorrow Icon of the Mother of God in the top, Dalmatovo Uspenskiy Monastery in the bottom.  

The coin was produced in proof quality with the laser matting technology application.

A.A. Brynza, an artist of the Design Center of Goznak, was the author of the sketch and modelling.

According to Andrey Brynza, in the process of working with the coin sketch he had to analyze a large number of photographs in order to choose the angle presenting the architectural monument best of all in the present condition after the renovation.

The work upon the coin sketch is a constant search for the correct solution, an advantageous composition and a successful fulfillment of the artistic idea.
At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the coin genre is always characterized by artistic decorativeness applied by the author. The coin cannot represent a photograph of the object simply transferred to metal.
The lace trees in the foreground are an element of such decorativeness adding the element of convention to both the coin sketch and the artistic idea. Convention of the images around the church exactly repeats the world perception of the true believers the most real, true and solid thing the church is in the center of such world perception. Life with all its conventions and secondary worldly events is built around the church.  
For the coin to reflect the artistic idea to the full, the artist is not limited to working in his studio together with the technologists of the Saint-Petersburg Mint we work through the whole cycle of the coin production, choose the modes of various technological operations for the sketch to be embodied in metal exactly, laconically and without loosing its artistic expressiveness, said Andrey Brynza.

The Church of Joy of all who Sorrow Icon of the Mother of God of the Dalmatovo Uspenskiy Monastery depicted on the coin was built approximately in the 1870s. Today there are 17 monks in the Monastery, whose work includes preservation of the historical architectural complex, which once was the strategic and religious center of the Russian exploration of lands beyond the Urals.      
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