The coin dedicated to the World Aquatics Championship24.07.2015

The craftsmen of the Saint-Petersburg Mint have produced The XVI World Aquatics Championship of 2015 in Kazan commemorative coin of the Bank of Russia. The laser matting and tampon printing technologies were applied in the coin manufacturing.  

The coin was made with the help of computer modelling; the author of the sketch of the coin reverse was Sergey Kornilov, Head of the Territorial Artistic Studio of the Design Center of Goznak.  

The logo of the XVI World Aquatics Championship in Kazan a stylized image of Kazan with the pictograms of six sports was depicted on the coin reverse. The following inscription was applied around the edge: XVI . Ȼ (The XVI World Aquatics Championship in Kazan).

Six pictograms silhouettes in the center of the logo represent sports included in the programme of the Championship competitions: swimming, diving, open water swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming, high diving (diving from extreme heights).  

The logo was developed as early as in 2011 when Kazan only pretended to a right to hold the Aquatics Championship. The logo was refined in 2013 when a new sport for FINA was included into the sports programme of the Championship.

The authors of the logo chose the watercolour technique close to the theme of water for it. The bright emblem was executed using tampon printing at the Mint. The text of the logo in three lines FINA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. KAZAN. RUSSIA 2015 was applied using the laser matting technology.  

the coin was struck in proof quality of sterling silver (the weight of the metal in purity is 31.1 g). the coin diameter is 39.0 mm. the face value is three roubles. The edge is ribbed. The coin was produced in the number of 5 thousand pieces.
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