Dedicated to Dante Alighieri 17.07.2015

Goznak has continued the successful practice of producing commemorative coins in different design styles customary and improved. A unique numismatic novelty is dedicated to the 750th anniversary of birth of Dante Alighieri, a great Italian poet, and his major work Divine Comedy.

The coins have been issued with the face value of 25 roubles and struck in proof quality of sterling silver. The pure metal weight is 155.5 g. The coin diameter is 60.00 mm. The edge is of 252 riffles.    

The announced number of The 750th Anniversary of Birth of Dante Alighieri coin in the customary style is up to 850 pieces. The actual number will be specified.
The 750th Anniversary of Birth of Dante Alighieri coin in the improved style have been struck in the number of 150 pieces.
The coins have been struck at the Saint-Petersburg Mint. The design author and sculptor is Andrey Brynza, an employee of the Design Center of Goznak.

On the reverse of the customary-style coin there is a monument of Dante erected in the 19th century in Signoria Square in Verona the city where Dante found shelter after he was exiled from Florence. Florence remained special for the poet. Therefore, the design author placed the image of the famous symbols of Florence Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral and Giotto bell tower in the right part of the obverse background.  

In the left part of the coin there are the apparitions of Hell (in the bottom) and Paradise (in the top Beatrice amid angels) and the boat of Charon who ferried Dante and his first guide Virgil the poet. Fragments of gravures by G. Dore and a picture by E. Neide were applied to depict the scenes of the apparitions.  

The legend (thats how the specialists call the inscription of the coin) is divided into two parts. DANTE ALIGHIERI inscription is a semicircle along the top right coin edge, the years of the poets life 1265 // 1321 are in the bottom right part of the coin.

Laser matting was applied for the production of customary-style coins. High relief of minting, organic enamel and partial (local) gilding were added to it for the production of improved-style coins. The scenes of Hell made with the help of laser matting show through the red organic enamel in the bottom, to the left of the form of Dante spectacularly. The high minting relief on the image of Beatrice amid angels is emphasized by partial gilding of the figures against the blue organic enamel applied for the design of the upper half of the coin.  
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