A Russian postage stamp produced at Goznak received the Grand-Prix of the International Philatelic Competition of WIPA13.07.2015

According to the results of the WIPA competition for the best stamp of 2014, the souvenir sheet dedicated to the 700th anniversary of the birth of Reverend Sergiy of Radonezh produced at the Moscow Printing Factory received the Grand-Prix.  

The international competition Gran-Prix of the WIPA Exhibition is one of the most respected and prestigious philatelic competitions. It is held annually in the city of Vienna (Austria) and enjoys great success. Famous Austrian stamp artists, philatelic journalists, representatives of the Austrian Postage Administration and the Austrian National Printing Works are members of the competition jury.  

We would like to remind that The 700th anniversary of the birth of Reverend Sergiy of Radonezh stamp and souvenir sheet were chosen the stamp of the year by the participants of the open electronic voting held by Publishing and Trading Centre "Marka". All the Russian stamps and souvenir sheets issued in 2014 took part in the competition.

The stamp depicts a religious procession headed by Reverend Sergiy of Radonezh against the background of the Holy Trinity Sergiys Laura, and a flock of pigeons in the sky (Sergiys followers and disciples). The modern Orthodox people with lighted candles are depicted next to Great Duke Dmitry of Don and Peresvet, a legendary monk and soldier.  

The author of the miniature sketch was S. Ulyanovskiy, an artist and a designer of Publishing and Trading Centre "Marka".

The craftsmen of Goznak printed the postage miniature on chalk-coated paper with the method of offset printing in five inks for standard and bronze paste emphasizing the compositional and conceptual accents the halo of light around the candle, the nimbus of the Saint, the church domes. The souvenir sheet margins were made in the shape of mosaic. Separate tiles were printed with bronze. In order to transmit the facture of the traditional church mosaic, the mosaic margins were partially varnished also in the shape of mosaic tiles.  

We noted in the previous publication that The 700th anniversary of the birth of Reverend Sergiy of Radonezh gave a strong emotional impression and was noted for its elegance and printing skill. The Grand-Prix of the WIPA exhibition has confirmed it. The sophisticated professionals have given the designers and printers skill the highest appraisal.  

The stamp size was 50x37 mm. The perforation was frame-like, 12x12. The number was 85,000 pieces.
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