A new postage stamp dedicated to Artek 07.07.2015

A solemn ceremony of memorable cancellation of the stamp dedicated to the jubilee took place on June 16, within the framework of celebrating the 90th anniversary of International Childrens Center Artek.

The new postage stamp dedicated to Artek was manufactured at the Moscow Printing Factory of Goznak.

The author of the stamp design was not a professional artist but an 11-year-old girl from Gurzuf, Maria Djakaeva.

In order to issue the postage stamp under the guidance of the Federal Communications Agency, Publishing and Trading Centre "Marka" held the All-Russian Painting Competition together with International Childrens Center Artek in 2014. 400 children from all the regions of Russia sent their works in three months. The competent jury chose 15 best works. According to the open voting results, Masha Djakaevas painting The Merry Bear occupied the first position. The symbol of Artek Ayu-Dag, or the Bear Mountain, and the coastline with childrens beaches are depicted in the picture.  

Thanks to the victory in the competition, Masha has fulfilled her dream and received a voucher to Artek.  

K. Betredinova, an artist and designer, joined the work at the stage of preparation of the picture for printing on the stamp.

The stamp dedicated to Artek was printed at the Moscow Printing Factory on chalk-coated paper with the application of multicolour offset printing.

The stamp was issued in the shape of a sheet of 6 stamps with framed margins (32). The stamp size is 5050 mm. The size of the stamp sheet is 180130 mm. The stamp was printed in the number of 240 thousand pieces (40 thousand sheets).

During the soviet time, the craftsmen of Goznak produced a few stamps dedicated to Artek. Here are some of them: At the Pioneer Camp Artek (1938) with the face value of 30 kopecks; A Trumpeter at the Pioneer Camp Artek (1958) with the face value of 10 kopecks.  
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