A medal for love and loyalty 08.07.2015

Under the order of the Fund of Social and Cultural Initiatives the Moscow Mint has produced a set of commemorative public awards for the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty celebrated on July 8. The set includes a medal For Love and Loyalty and two badges in the shape of the field wild camomile. The sets are packed in velvet cases.  

According to the tradition established in 2008 when the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty, the Moscow Mint produced the awards for the holiday within the framework of a charity program.  

This year the set of awards was manufactured in the number of 6,500 pieces; besides, 2,500 Camomile badges with the diameter of 30 mm were minted additionally.

The medal is made of brass with the diameter of 50 mm and the application of organic enamels. The front side shows Peter and Fevronia, a married couple who reigned in Murom in the 13th century, and an engraved inscription For love and loyalty. The family is a unity of thoughts and deeds. On the reverse side of the medal there is the holiday name and its symbol, a wild camomile. Among the white petals, there are two coloured ones blue and red. They symbolize machismo and feminine.

Two badges of the same design (with the diameters of 30 and 15 mm) are made of brass with the application of cold organic enamels.

The medal For Love and Loyalty is a public award. It is given to the best families of Russia with the marriage record of over 25 years. As a rule, such families show an example of strong relationships based on love and loyalty. They have achieved happiness with their own efforts and have brought up great children.  

We would like to remind that the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty was established under the initiative of the citizens of Murom where Peter and Fevronias relics lie in the Saint Trinity Church of the Saint Trinity Monastery. The Orthodox Christians hold the married couple who reigned in Murom in the 13th century in reverence as patrons of the family.    
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