Three tokens for a numismatists collection 23.06.2015

The Moscow Mint of Goznak has produced three new tokens that will surely attract numismatists interest.  

The polite people and The Reunion of Crimea and Sevastopol with Russia two silver tokens open a series that will include three more tokens dedicated to the Black Sea Fleet, Artek and the winegrowing in Crimea.

The authors of the silver token sketches are A. Matrosov and V. Ananyin, artists of the Moscow Territorial Studio of the Design Center of Goznak.  

The tokens have been minted of sterling silver in proof-like quality. The diameter of the tokens is 30 mm, the weight is not less than 11.25 g, the edge is ribbed. The tokens have been minted in the number of 1000 pieces of each kind.  

Another token, COINS 2015, designed and minted by the craftsmen of the Moscow Mint, has been produced specially for the International Coin Conference that will take place in Moscow on June 26-27. A. Matrosov is the author of the token sketch.

COINS 2015 token has been made in the shape of a five-point star. There is an image of an old Moscow coin on one of its sides.  

The token has been minted of nickel-silver in the glossy surface quality with the application of laser engraving.

The weight of the token is 10.4 g, its diameter is 32 mm. The number is 500 pieces.
It will be possible to buy The polite people and The Reunion of Crimea and Sevastopol with Russia tokens from the representatives of the Numismatic Showroom of the Moscow Mint at the booth of Goznak during the conference.      
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