Goznak is a sponsor of the International Conference COINS-2015 17.06.2015

The Sixth International Coin Conference and Exhibition COINS-2015 will collect the key players of the coin market. The only international forum in Russia dedicated to the coin and order production will take place in Moscow on June 26-27, 2015. Goznak is the gold sponsor of it.  

Only once a year COINS provides a rare opportunity to the majority of the Russian collectors to see thousands of numismatic novelties from all over the world and converse with the leading specialists of coin manufacturers and sellers directly.

Largest mints and coin distributors, central and commercial banks, auction houses and well-known numismatic salons participate in the international conference.

Within the framework of COINS-2015, the results of the 9th International Coin Competition Coin Constellation-2015 will be summed up. This year more than 240 coins and 23 coin series from 29 countries produced since January 1 until December 31, 2014 are submitted to the competition. The awarding ceremony will take place on June 25. The Peoples Choice Award to the coin determined according to the internet voting will be also given at the ceremony.  

The visitors of COINS-2015 Exhibition will have an opportunity to see the unique coins minting of which was announced at the World Money Fair in February in Berlin. The coins not only united the modern technological and design solutions of various mints; brand new security methods were applied in their production.

A distinctive peculiarity COINS conference are open numismatic seminars where one may learn unrenowned facts of the currency circulation history, get acquainted with the niceties of coin expertise and professional secrets of online sales of collectible items.

The COINS participants have noticed long ago that the visitors seldom come alone they bring families with them. Anybody can make a commemorative coin-like token of the exhibition here using a historical minting press of Goznak.
The Moscow and Saint-Petersburg Mints of Goznak, the Kazakhstan Mint, the French company, UNET NumisCollect from the Netherlands, the Russian group of companies Resource, Transstroybank Joint-Stock Bank and other coin trendsetters will show their novelties to the visitors of the exhibition.
The National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic will demonstrate the coins of the Epoch of the Kyrgyz Kaganate and Monuments of History and Architecture of Kyrgyzstan series.

Coin Invest Trust, a company from Lichtenstein whose Mongolian Nature coin won the Coin of the Year category of the 8th International Coin Competition of Commemorative Coins Coin Constellation-2014 last year, has prepared a surprise for the guests of COINS-2015.

Real masterpieces will be exhibited at its booth:
Samurai History coin which has become famous because of an unusual insert a fragment of the medieval armour;
Treasure of the Ruthless Captain huge coin minted in the shape of a board game;
Nano Life coin dedicated to the evolution of life on Earth and furnished with a nano chip;
Millefiori Murrine Art highly artistic coin the existence of which is beyond numismatics.

The Sixth International Coin Conference and Exhibition COINS-2015 will take place on June 26-27, 2015 in Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel (Moscow Ploschad Evropy 2, Kievskaya metro station).

It is possible to obtain additional information as well as a free ticket to the exhibition at
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