A souvenir sheet in the style of a banknote 08.06.2015

A souvenir sheet with three stamps dedicated to the 155th anniversary of the Bank of Russia has been produced at the Moscow Printing Factory of Goznak.

Publishing and Trading Centre "Marka" orders souvenir sheets with numbering quite seldom. A sheet with the images of Olympic medals and numbering was issued more than a year ago
This time a 6-digit number is located on the white area of every sheet, and every piece has its own number. The souvenir sheets are produced with the numbers from 00001 up to 70000 in the number of 70 000 pieces. S. Ulyanovskiy is the author of the design of the jubilee souvenir sheet.
The portrait of E.I. Lamanskiy, Manager of the State Bank of the Russian Empire in 1867-1881, and the modern building of the Head Office of the Bank of Russia were applied in the stamp design. There are also coins: 3 kopecks of 1841 (the period of the silver standard introduced in the currency reform by E.F. Kankrin 1839-1841); a regular coin with the face value of 1 rouble of 1866 (the period of the first years after the State Bank of the Russian Empire); the gold chervonets of 1923 (introduced during the currency reform by G.Y. Sokolnikov 1922-1924) and a coin with the face value of 1 rouble of 2014 with the graphic image of rouble. On the margins of the souvenir sheet there are allegorical figures “harvest” and “abundance” carried out after the sculptural compositions on the upper window layer of the building of the Bank of Russia and the image of the building of the State Bank in Saint-Petersburg in 1860-1918.  
The image of coins with the face values of 3 kopecks, 1 rouble and 1 rouble of 2014 were printed with the silver ink, and the gold chervonets of 1923 was printed with bronze.
The image of the coins was carried out using relief stamping; it is a very complicated technology for the application on such thin paper.
According to the customers’ wish the general colour scheme of the souvenir sheet should be associated with the colour scheme of an old banknote. Therefore the sheet was printed in the dull green and yellow tones with black graphic accents imitating intaglio. The portrait of E.I. Lamanskiy was also stylized intaglio. Moreover, the yellow colour is duller, “antique”.
The printing method applied in the souvenir sheet was offset, on chalk-coated paper. The sheet size is 145x100 mm; it is enlarged to compare to the medium size of a souvenir sheet, its width reminds of the antique banknotes of large sizes. The sheet was printed with six inks – four main ones and two metallized, silver and bronze.
On June 4, 2015, within the framework of the XXIV International Bank Congress in Saint-Petersburg there took place a ceremony of memorable stamping of the “Bank of Russia” souvenir sheet. O.G. Dukhovnitskliy, Head of the Federal Agency of Communication, and E.S. Nabiullina, Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, took part in the ceremony.
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