Coins dedicated to the jubilee of the Bank of Russia 26.05.2015

The craftsmen of the Moscow Mint of Goznak have struck commemorative coins of gold and silver dedicated to the 155th anniversary of the Bank of Russia. The coins were put into circulation on May 25, 2015.

The jubilee coin design author was Anton Schablykin, an artist of the Design Center of Goznak. The coins were modeled by Alexander Molostov, an artist from Moscow. The craftsmen of the Moscow Mint who worked upon Schablykins sketches had to solve complicated technological tasks.

The coin design includes a lot of small details and tiny test. In order to achieve their perfect image on the coin, it was decided to apply laser engraving for making a part of the gravure, explained Sergey Boyev, Head Technologist of the Moscow Mint. Denis Chernolutskiy, a machine setup man, and Vladimir Suvorin, a laser equipment operator, worked upon the task. They carried out relief modeling for engraving milling, refined the images for laser engraving and tested its modes. Maxim Korshunov, Sergey Sergeev, Dmitry Lokontsev and Sergey Nikolskiy, fixers of the cold stamping equipment minted the coins in the proof quality. The result of the collective efforts is excellent.  

The 3-rouble coin is produced of sterling silver, with the weight of 31.1 g and the diameter of 39 mm, in the number of 10,000 pieces. The gold coin is produced with the face value of 1,000 rubles. It is minted of pure gold with the weight of 155.5 g, the diameter of 50 mm in the number of 150 pieces.  

The façade of the building of the Bank of Russia in Moscow is depicted on the reverse side of the gold coin. The façade of the Head Office of the Bank of Russia in Saint-Petersburg is depicted on the silver coin. We would like to remind, that it was in Saint-Petersburg that the main bank of the Imperial Russia was founded; it existed in the Northern Capital since 1860 till 1918.  

The design of the reverse of both the coins is supplemented with the symbolic clock image (in the right-hand part of the gold coin and in the left-hand part of the silver coin); images of the Russian banknotes and coins of various times were used for the purpose.  

There is an inscription around the edge of both the coins 1860 ӻ (The Bank of Russia was founded in 1860). Another inscription repeating the shape of the edge is located on the coin area in small letters: (Credit organizations professional participants management companies trade institutors non-state pension funds actuaries insurance industry subjects microfinancial institutions credit consumers' cooperative societies rating agencies).



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