Russian Avant-garde is conquering the world again14.05.2015

In the middle of May at the Currency Conference in Vancouver Goznak presented a new promotional banknote called Russian Avant-garde. The banknote design created by the artists of Goznak represents the stylized images of the Russian Avant-garde of the 1920-1930s using the elements of works by Filonov and Malevich, the internationally acknowledged leaders of this style.
The set of security features of the banknote has caused a furor among the specialists of the banknote sphere not less than that of the Sochi 2014 commemorative banknote.
The technology of embedding of a metallized thread of the maximum width 7.5 mm is among the unique ones. As a result, an optical effect within the thread can be observed. It unites three optically variable effects kinetic (the change of image with the change of the observation angle), optical colour (a coloured image appears and the letters disappear with an alteration of the inclination angle) and the microperforetion effect (the text is observed in transmitted light only).
Zebra security element chosen the best security feature of 2014 in the world was also applied. It was made in a polymer window on the Sochi 2014 banknote. Now the same effect has been reproduced on the banknote paper in an image looking similar to a watermark. When the banknote is tilted, the image changes the optical density it changes from light to dark and vice versa.  
The optically variable feature created with the help of combining offset and intaglio printing has attracted close attention of representatives of many central banks. It is from the widely known features of the HMC and MVC family.
Optically variable features of this kind are located on the front and back sides of the new promotional banknote and are combined with the transmitted light element. No banknote manufacturer in the world has been able to offer such a combination of security features so far.
Another security feature has been demonstrated for the first time; it is the stereoscopic effect observed via stereoscopic glasses only; it has been applied in the banknote security for the first time. Separate elements of the stereoscopic image raise above the banknote 5 10 centimeters high.  
A peculiarity of the stereoscopic security feature developed by the specialists of Goznak is that it is observed on the original only. The elements protection against copying is achieved with the help of a combination of special inks and a special printing method. It is impossible to imitate the security feature even with special inks but without the printing secret. The work upon the element took quite a lot of time, but we achieved the goal as a result the element is observed very well and cannot be copied.    
Goznak creates a promotional banknote biannually. Russian Avant-garde will be presented at all specialized conferences, which will take place in different countries of the world, including the Latin American, African, Middle Eastern and Asian regions.
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