The Victory stamps 12.05.2015

Among a few series of postage stamps dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory, produced under the order of Publishing and Trading Centre "Marka". The postage miniatures of the Medals series can be called samples of perfect printing.
The craftsmen of the Moscow Printing Factory of Goznak applied multicoloured offset printing on chalk-coated paper with partial selected varnishing and relief stamping in their production.
We had to solve many technological problems while working upon the order, said Natalia Esenina, an engineer and technologist. Specialists of the workshop where the originals were prepared for stamping mastered new programs enabling to reach the perfect printing quality. The highness of stamped images is chosen so that it looked maximally voluminous, but the paper was not torn during printing. The craftsmen operate not with millimeters but with tenths of millimeters. As a result, the stamp looks finished and perfect.    
The specialists of another workshop that received ready embossing punches adjusted too: they can choose the optimal pressure; make the correct register (the exact alignment of the printed image of the stamp with the relief punch).
Lots of eight stamps of the Medals for the defense battles 1941-1942 series were printed in 2014. Modals for defending Odessa, Caucasus, Polar Regions, Kiev, Leningrad, Sevastopol, Stalingrad and Moscow are depicted on them.
Two issues of postage miniatures For the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic war 1941 1945. Medals were manufactured in 2015. Seven medals are depicted for liberation of Warsaw, Belgrade and Prague, for capture of Vienna, Budapest, Berlin and Konigsberg.  
The author of the design of the Medals series is A. Moskovets.
A souvenir sheet issued on the eve of the great holiday is also dedicated to Victory in the Great Patriotic war.
The moment of signing Act of capitulation of fascist Germany is depicted on the sheet in dull tones in the style of an old photograph. The bright colour accent in the sheet design is the red flag of the Victory covered with varnish.
In Natalia Eseninas opinion, the red colour is quite complicated in the case of this stamp. The specialists of the Moscow Printing Factory chose its shades for some time, for the flag to look bright and harmonious at the same time.
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