Commemorative medals for numismatists 29.04.2015

The Moscow Mint has continued the long-time tradition and manufactured 180 commemorative medals for the 28th All-Russian Numismatic Conference held in Moscow on April 20 – 25. 60 medals are made of brass, and 120 medals are of nickel-silver. Some of the medals will be given to the reporters at the conference, others will be sent to the largest museums of the country to add to their numismatic collections.  

The medals were produced in “proof-like” quality with the diameter of 39 mm.  

The State Hermitage and the State Historical Museum hold the conference in turn. According to the established tradition, each of the conference organizers orders the medals at “its own” Mint of Goznak – in Saint-Petersburg or Moscow.  

This year the commemorative medal was dedicated to the 1000th anniversary of death of Saint Equal to the Apostles Grand Duke Vladimir. The author of the design idea was a research associate of the State Historical Museum Vasily Vasilievich Zaitsev.  Artists of the Moscow Territorial Art Studio of the Design Center of Goznak Anatoly Matrosov and Anna Molokostova took part in the design adaptation.

A coin of the time of Duke Vladimir’s rule was depicted in the center of the front side of the medal. Around the edge, there are inscriptions “The 28th All-Russian Numismatic Conference” and “To the memory of Saint Equal to the Apostles Grand Duke Vladimir 1015-2015”. On the reverse side of the medal, there is a bell tower of St. Daniel’s Monastery, the building of the Moscow Mint and the trademark of the manufacturer.

The commemorative medals were produced by the specialists of Goznak free of charge in token of the traditional co-operation between the modern coin artisans and the numismatic scientists.  
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