Medals for the Delphian Games 17.04.2015

The Moscow Mint of Goznak is completing the production of 1122 medals of different kinds for the participants of the Delphian Games of 2015. All the sets will be delivered to Orel right before the opening ceremony.

The 14th Youth Delphian Games of Russia and the jubilee 10th Games of the countries of the CIS will take place on May 1 – 6 within the framework of the “Delphian Eagle – 2015” cultural project dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic war of 1941 – 1945 and the Year of Literature in the Russian Federation. There are planned large-scale spectacular opening and closing ceremonies, a gala concert of the Delphian awardees, an All-Russia festival of arts and crafts etc.

For the first time the medals of the Delphian Games were struck at the Moscow Mint at the beginning of the 2000s, and since then thousands of awardees of the Games have preserved them in various countries of the world. Representatives of 65 countries take part in the Delphian Games. This year the medals will also spread throughout the country and the states of the CIS.

The official date and place of birth of the Games is considered 582 B.C., Greece. Just like Olympic, the Delphian (called Pythian earlier) Games were prohibited more than 1600 years ago, and were restored at the beginning of the 20th century only. Since 1927 till 1930 the Delphian Festival had been held in Greece, it was a complete analog of the ancient Pythian Games. But World War II forced to stop the highest arts forum temporarily.

In 2000 the National Delphian Council of Russia held the first World Delphian Games of modernity in Moscow with the participation of 27 countries. Now 65 countries take part in the International Delphian Movement. The International Delphian Committee (with the head-office in Moscow) is holding a competition for the right to receive the Third World Delphian Games, and three countries have expressed their wish to host the event by now.

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