The Perm Printing Factory of Goznak has mastered Orlovs printing on plastic cards 29.01.2015

Orlovs printing has been applied to plastic cards for the first time in the world
The unique peculiarity of Orlovs printing is obtaining multicoloured line images with distinct colour borders without abruptions, misplacements or superimpositions. The technology developed by Ivan Orlov, a great inventor, an employee of the Expedition of Storing State Papers, has been applied for the security of the Russian banknotes for 123 years.
In 2014 the employees of the Perm Printing Factory Branch of Goznak mastered the technology of application of Orlovs printing method combined with new security features to products on the plastic basis. The modern equipment of the Factory enables printing with UV-inks on plastic. Previously Goznak wasnt able to apply Orlovs printing to plastic documents. Moreover, such a task has been solved for the first time in the world.
The effect of Orlovs printing will be observed on new products as well as on banknotes.
The unique technology helps to improve the set of security features of plastic products considerably.
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