A revolutionary technology20.01.2015

In 2014 Goznak offered its customers, including potential ones, a revolutionary development representing a new payment means combining the advantages of both banknotes and coins.  
The progressive solution helps to prolong the lifetime of the payment means to that comparable with the lifetime of the coins (they spend about 10 years in circulation) and preserves the advantages of the banknote a bright colourful design, a high security level, low weight and usage convenience.
Besides, unlike paper, Plamet composite material created doesnt have a porous structure contributing to generation of bacteria. Plamet material is inert and is somewhat similar to glass and glazed tiles in its characteristics. It is possible to try to grow microbial colonies on it, poor acid or alkali, wash in a washing or a dish-washing machine the product will not change because of these procedures.  
If one taps the products edge against any surface, theres a sound similar to tapping with the edge of a ceramic roundel. Thats not only a conclusive evidence of diversity of the composite material from plastic which never sounds like ceramics, but also a proof that the material is as inert as ceramics.

We suppose that Plamet will be a more convenient means for the citizens, and its application will considerably decrease the number of coins washed away from circulation yearly, said Deputy General Director of Science and Development Andrey Kuryatnikov. The potential customers, central and national banks, are no doubt conservative by nature. But they realize the advantages of Plamet very soon. Besides, among our customers there are central banks which do not issue coins at all there are only banknotes in their circulation system. It is not less profitable to replace banknotes, especially of low face values, with Plamet than to replace coins with it.  
Today Plamet technology has already been applied for the production of a payment means put into circulation of the Trans-Dniester Republican Bank. At the same time, we are working with the potential customers of Plamet intensively.

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