Two different Galileos15.09.2014

The lot of the commemorative coin of the Bank of Russia dedicated to the 450th anniversary of birth of Galileo Galilei was struck at the Saint-Petersburg Mint in September 2014. The coin was put into circulation in two production versions: ordinary and special.

The coins are made of silver with the diameter of 60 mm in “proof” quality. The coin design is identical: in the bottom part of the discus there is a relief portrait of Galileo Galilei in front of the celestial globe with a telescope in the hands, in the middle distance, against the background of the coloured image of the starry sky and the scheme of the heliocentric system partially gilded and with crystal inserts there are figures of three scientists and an inscription around the edge “GALILEO GALILEI”, on the left side next to the edge there is a relief image of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, on the right there is a celestial body.

The coin design authors are A.D. Schablykin (artist) and F.S. Andronov (sculptor) employees of the Design Center of Goznak.

A whole number of technologies were applied to the exclusive version of the coin: enameling of the surface in “proof” quality, stone setting, partial gilding, laser processing.

It is necessary to note that the organic enamel laying to the product surface in “proof” quality had not been carried out at the Saint-Petersburg Mint for a long time, and it caused greatest concern during the technical work upon the sketch project of the coin. But in spite of all concern, enamellers Irina Bugrova and Yulia Kardanova managed the task excellently. Stone setting also required much craft of Igor Lebedev, a specialist of the Mint. The stones are located on the mirror surface of the coin, and any incorrect movement of a jeweler could cause irreparable spoilage.

The relief was raised considerably on both the coin versions. A whole number of experimental works connected with finding the optimal balance of the relief height and the geometry and the weight of the product preceded it. Due to the relief increasing the coin perception has become even more voluminous and contrasting. Taking into account the coin theme, it is important.

From the professional point of view, the idea of issuing coins in two versions is very interesting, it permits developing new technologies and applying them to practice. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation issued the coins in a very limited number. The ordinary coin was issued in the number of 850 pieces, and the special version of the coin – 150 pieces.
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