Production news of the Paper Mills of Goznak at Pap- For Russia 2014 Exhibition.03.11.2014

The Saint-Petersburg and Krasnokamsk Paper Mills Branches of Goznak presented their production novelties at Pap-For Russia 2014 International Exhibition.

Pap - For Russia 2014 International Exhibition took place in Saint-Petersburg on October 28 31, 2014. The Paper Mills of Goznak took part in it traditionally.

The specialists of the Krasnokamsk Paper Mill presented a few kinds of paper at the Exhibition: offset white and coloured paper of various brands and weights, copying, Whatman paper, nonwoven and paper basis for wallcovering, as well as its novelties packaging paper and paper basis with coating for fliseline wallcovering.

Today we produce packaging paper which acts both as packaging and a label. It is produced of three kinds: grease resistant, grease and moisture resistant and moisture resistant. The peculiarity of the products is the addition of barrier chemicals which provide the product resistance to external factors, said Alexander Sklyuev, Deputy Head of the Sales and Marketing Department of the Krasnokamsk Paper Mill.There are few manufacturers of such paper in the Russian market today. The product is demanded, and weve decided to resume its production at the new technological platform.

The major consumers of packaging paper and semi-finished products of it are sales networks and fast food networks, confectioneries, bakeries, dairies, fat-yielding plants, medical and pharmaceutical companies and many others.

The major novelty of the Krasnokamsk Paper Mill was paper basis with coating for fliseline wallcovering. Theres no paper of the kind within the territory of Russia, the CIS and the Baltic States, and it is unlikely to appear in the nearest future. Now this product is presented in the Russian market with the German paper only.

We initially know all the consumers (wallpaper factories in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus) and produce it in accordance with their requirements. Its worth noting that in order to manufacture the new product we had to modify one of the papermaking machines by installing chalk-coating equipment, said Alexander Sklyuev. We have already received the first positive feedback to the test webs and pilot lots.

The Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill presented an exclusive product in the Russian market enamel paper of B and Ô brands; its production was resumed in 2013.

We have revived the production of paper manufactured at the Leningrad Paper Mill until 1991. The production technology has remained practically unchanged, we have only partially replaced the chemicals with modern ones. The quality requirements remain on the same highest level, and as before we produce enamel paper of 100% cotton fiber. Together with a certain production technology it adds stable colour characteristics to paper and makes it durable. The paper does not turn yellow with time, and the images on it do not fade almost, said Yevgeny Khabibullin, Deputy Director of Production of the Saint-Petersburg Mill. Another important peculiarity of our enamel paper is the ability to absorb water well, not to warp when getting dry and to preserve the image colour strength. All these indexes are appreciated by artists who are the major consumers of enamel paper.

The Exhibition visitors showed interest to the good old Goznaks Whatman paper. The specialists of the Mill presented time-honoured kinds of paper for creativity: drawing, card paper with embossing, painting paper.

For example, nobody else produces painting paper in Russia, just like security products. We are serious competitors for foreign companies in this, said Yevgeny Khabibullin. We present our paper with watermarks at exhibitions every year. It is a special sort of paper for documents and various certificates designed not only for the state institutions, but for private companies as well. We can produce a watermark with both a plain ornament and a portrait of the companys director, for example.

In spite of the fact that there were fewer participants at the exhibition this year, the event was successful. Companies manufacturing field equipment, mechanisms and chemicals presented their booths traditionally.

Participation in Pap - For Russia Exhibition contributes to develop relations with the existing partners and establish a contact with the potential ones, come to know the field novelties and receive feedback from the consumers of the products of the Paper Mills of Goznak. The representatives of our company held a number of negotiations concerning equipment supplies for carrying the investment program for 2015 and 2016.

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