The international jury highly appreciated the skill of masters of the Mints of Goznak 18.09.2014

A festive ceremony of awarding the winners of the Eighth Commemorative Coin Competition Coin Constellation-2014 took place on September 18 in Moscow, within the framework of the Fifth International Coin Conference and Exhibition COINS-2014. It is the only international competition of commemorative coins held in the Russian Federation. Well-known mints of the world, national and commercial banks, leading coin distributors take part in it traditionally. The geography of participants is enlarged every year.

Around 260 commemorative coins and 25 coin series from 31 countries issued since January 1 till December 31, 2013 were presented to the international jury (its members are experts of famous world museums and auction houses, representatives of coin distributing companies, numismatic associations and specialized professional editions).

The jury members chose the winners as well as coins which occupied the second and third positions in nine main categories Unique Idea Solution, Successful Artistic Solution, Original Technology, Coin Classics, Souvenir Coin, Series of the Year, Silver Coin of the Year, Gold Coin of the Year and Coin of the Year. Besides, the special prize of the Organizing Committee and the prize for Contribution to the realization of the Pan-Russian Coin Programmes were given.

A coin that received the greatest number of votes of the voting participants at received the Peoples Choice Award.

Five coins manufactured by the Russian craftsmen were highly appraised by the authoritative international jury.

Prometheus coin issued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and struck at the Saint-Petersburg Mint won the Gold Coin of the Year category. The coin denomination is 10000 roubles. It was minted in the number of 250 pieces of gold 999/1000 in proof-like quality. The weight of the coin is 1003.40 g. The coin design author is Alexander Baklanov, a Peoples Artist of Russia, an academician, Head of the Design Center of Goznak. The coin modeling was carried out by A.A. Dolgopolova, an artist of the Design Center.

The jury chose The Kronstadt Saint Nikolas the Miracle Man Marine Cathedral, Kronstadt District of Saint Petersburg coin the winner of the Coin Classics category. It was issued by the Bank of Russia and struck at the Saint-Petersburg Mint of Goznak. The coin denomination is 3 roubles, it was produced of sterling silver in the number of 7500 pieces in proof quality. The coin weight is 33.94 g. the coin was created by L.A. Evdokimova, and artist and sculptor of the Design Center of Goznak.

The authoritative international jury also distinguished three other coins struck at the Mints of Goznak. The Year of Preservation of the Environment coin received the third place in the Unique Idea Solution category. It was presented to the Competition by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the Moscow Mint where it had been produced.

The 25-rouble Relay of the Olympic Flame "Sochi 2014" coin produced at the Saint-Petersburg Mint of Goznak of cupronickel alloy with the application of tampon printing in the number of 250000 pieces.

The gold History of the Olympic Movement in Russia coin with the face value of 25000 roubles and the weight of 3013.46 g occupied the third position in the Coin of the Year category. It was struck at the Saint-Petersburg Mint of Goznak.

The Russian commemorative coins prevailed against coins presented to the competition by the Banks of Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, the Bulgarian National Bank, the National Bank of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, the National Banks of Poland, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the National bank of Ukraine, the Trans-Dniester Republican Bank, the Central Bank of Armenia. Coins presented by the Australian Mint (Perth), the Hungarian Mint, the Royal Spanish Mint, the Royal Mint (Great Britain), the Royal Mint of Holland, the Royal Mint of Canada, the Austrian Mint, the Mints of Andorra, Pobjoy (Great Britain), Poland, Singapore, Finland, the Paris Mint, the South African Mint, HelveticMint AG (Switzerland), Imprensa Nacional-Casa Da Moeda (Portugal), Israel Coins and Medals Corp. (Israel).

The Royal Mint of Australia, the Central Bank of the Philippines, the Mint and the Affinaging Factory of the Philippines took part in the competition for the first time.

Well-known coin distributors AIKB Tatfondbank (Russia), VTB24 Bank (Russia), Resurs Trade (Russia), Russkiy Suvenir (Russia), Coin Invest Trust (Lichtenstein), Emporium Hamburg (Germany), Moneda Nueva (Spain), New Zealand Post (New Zealand), NUMISCOLLECT (Netherlands), PAMP (Switzerland), Treasures of Oz (Australia) were also among the competition participants.

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