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Banknote manufacturers

Joint Stock Company Goznak is highly competitivein the international market for banknote paper. The company has experience of producing banknote paper for clients from Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, China and other countries.

Goznak has the capacity to produce up to 11000 tons of banknote paperper year.

Goznak produces and exports:

  • Banknote paper of various security levels with high wear and tear resistance. A unique set of security features is chosen, innovative overt and covert security elements are applied to every sort of paper.
  • Security technologies
  • Counting and sorting equipment, sensors and banknote authenticity control devices

If you are interested inworking with Goznak please contact the relevant Export Division.

Export Department (Asia and Middle East):

Phone: +7(495) 363-23-69
Fax: +7(495) 363-23-71
E-mail: Veselov_E_I@goznak.ru

Export Department (Africa and Latin America):

Phone: +7(495) 781-76-52
Fax: +7(495) 363-23-71
E-mail: Volodin_Y_V@goznak.ru