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Medals, Badges and Souvenirs

For many decades Goznak has manufactured a variety of award, commemorative and souvenir products from both nonferrous and precious metals. We have received orders from both domestic and foreign clients, both state and commercial. The Company was the first in the world to producecommemorative products from palladium and is continuously working to diversify metals used and improve product quality.

The specialists of Goznak co-operate closely with customers, from product conception and development right up to the minting. Often, genuine works of medal art are created and it is the artists' talent and the skill of technologists, engravers and minters who apply new materials and technologies to their work that contribute to this.

Every year the Saint-Petersburg and Moscow Mints produce hundreds of different types of commemorative medals, tokens, State orders and medals, emblems and lapel badges from nonferrous and precious metals.

Goznak is an official licensee of the 22nd Olympic Winter Games and 11th Paralympic Winter Games of 2014 in Sochi in the badges and lapel badges category and has the right to manufacture and sell products with the 2014 Olympic Games logos in the Russian Federation.

Today it is possible to purchase the Olympic badges produced at Goznak at the official e-shop Sochi 2014, in the official "Sochi 2014" e-shop at russmint.ru, at the Saint-Petersburg and Moscow Mint shops, at Biblio-Globus, Bookstore in New Arbat, Tverskaya Bookhouse, Sanna Olymp, and at Russian Post Offices in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

The Mints of Goznak manufacture exclusive products such as space and cosmology-themed pennants, badges and commemorative medals.

The Company produces hallmarks under the order of the Russian Hallmark Office and a number of foreign countries. Various complex security methods required to safeguard our customers interests are applied.

We are also developing various gifts sets and applying various artistic touches to presentation articles, combining metal with plastic, wood or other materials depending on the design.

At present we are engaged in developing new kinds of tokens compatible with the latest generation of payment terminals, which may become a transitional stage between metal tokens and plastic cards.

The enterprises of Goznak are able to manufacture products from precious metals in the volumes from 1 unit up to hundreds of thousands, and up to hundreds of millions for coins and tokens. The increased security level makes our products difficult to reproduce, and Goznaks technologies help to reduce costs.

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