Goznak manufactures banknotes which meet all international quality and security standards for the Bank of Russia, and also takes orders from foreign national banks and governments for banknote design and production.

Goznak has modern equipment, cutting-edge technologies, its own research facility. We offer a whole range of services to our customers - from the manufacture of banknote paper to banknote design, as well as developing entirelly new security technologies, implementing them in the product, and producing devices for their verification.

It is possible to fulfill orders for separate operations at any stage in the banknote production cycle.

Goznak produces banknotes of the Bank of Russia circulating in the Russian Federation.

In its history, Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Goznak” has delivered banknotes to many countries in the world. We are currently working with the Central Banks of Lebanon, Yemen, Guatemala, as well as a number of Asian, African and CIS countries.

Goznak has experience in supplying banknote paper to Indonesia, China, Nigeria, and other parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America. What is more, our company has fulfilled orders for banknote paper for foreign commercial companies - banknote manufacturers.