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Dear Colleagues,

Goznak is a restricted access enterprise; therefore we would like to remind you that if you would like to receive information about Goznak’s activities, receive a specialist’s comment, take a photograph or make a television report, it is necessary to make a written request to the General Director of Goznak.

Please indicate in your letter your exact intentions, what subject you are interested in, which of the Branches of Goznak you would like to visit etc. We would advise you to talk to a representative of our Press Service beforehand, who will help you to get to know the particulars of journalists' activity at the Branches of Goznak and give an accurate wording of the topic for in which you are interested. After your letter is approved by the General Director and checked by our Security Service, we will gladly help provide you with the relevant information.


To receive information in English, please contact Tatiana Ugryumova.

Tatiana E. Ugryumova
Press Service Specialist
+ 7 (495) 781-5607
+ 7 (495) 363-2370 ext. 1574

To receive information in Russian, please contact our Press Service

Natalia M. Nikiforova
General Director’s Assistant for Public Relations – Chief of Press Service
+ 7 (499) 237-3559
+ 7 (495) 363-2370 ext. 1185

Elena F. Kiseleva
Press Service Specialist
+ 7 (495) 781-5607
+ 7 (495) 363-2370 ext. 1113

Tatiana N. Abramova
Press Service Specialist
+ 7 (495) 781-5607
+ 7 (495) 363-2370 ext. 1202

Press Service Fax: + 7 (499) 237-1701